The Club is inviting applications for its annual Community Service Scholarship Grants.  The $1,000 scholarships are open to graduating high school students in Yonkers. The winning student must:

- Be living in Yonkers,
- Be receiving a high school diploma in May/June,
- Have volunteered time to a community organization in Yonkers above any required by the school, and,
- Be accepted and plans to attend college in 2018.

The deadline for all applications is 30 April 2018.  The postmark date on the envelope must be on or before midnight of that date. The final selection will be made by the Yonkers-East Yonkers Rotary Club Scholarship Committee.
Click here for the application (you can fill it in online and print it) and send it along with:

- One copy of the completed Yonkers-East Yonkers Rotary Club Scholarship Application (Be sure all signatures are on the application)
- At least one letter of recommendation from an organization in Yonkers through which the student provided community service,
- One copy of the student’s high school transcript,
- One copy of a letter of acceptance from the college that the student plans to attend.

Send the application package as soon as possible to:

Rotary Club of Yonkers - East Yonkers
Scholarship Applications
PO Box 771
Yonkers, NY 10710

You can also email the package to: Please pay attention to the following requirements for email applications.

- The application and all supporting documents must be sent in the same email.
- All required attachments must be either in .pdf or .jpg format.  It is preferred that all supporting documents be combined into one .pdf file and are clearly legible.
- Make sure that the send date on your email is on or before 30 April 2018.
- Do not send any other email to this address.