Posted on Aug 14, 2020
Even before the pandemic Rotary has been thinking ahead and planning for the Rotary of tomorrow, where Clubs will be innovative with new types of Clubs, new membership categories, new ways of meeting.
Responding to this call, our Club has taken the lead and sponsored a new Satellite Club. A satellite club functions as a short-term, transitional step on the way to becoming a full, independent Rotary club. This allows interested persons to become Rotarians without meeting the requirement of having at least 20 persons to organize a separate Rotary club.  The Rotary Satellite Club of Yonkers-East Yonkers-Edgemont was officially approved by Rotary International in February of 2020 with 9 members. Following a period of organization the new Club has begun its regular activities. 
Satellite clubs set up their own board and have their own officers. However, instead of a President, a satellite club has a Chair.  Atul Saxena is the Chair of the new Satellite Club while Parul Bhatnagar is our Club's adviser to the Satellite Club to help it learn about Rotary and its activities. The 9 members are mostly residents of the Edgemont area and hope to increase their membership and charter their own Club.  Our Club is extending its full support to the new Rotarians and their nascent Club.  The Club has been assigned to the District's Area 5, with our own Bina Ahmad as the Assistant Governor. .