Posted on Oct 04, 2018
DG Kris Chittur paid his official visit to the Rotary Club of Yonkers-East Yonkers on Wednesday 3 October 2018..   A special Board meeting was organized to welcome the DG and appraise him of the Club's activities.  Following the Board meeting the DG stayed on for the regular Club meeting and exchanged ideas with Club Members.
Lauding our Club as one of the vibrant Clubs in the District, DG Kris Chittur commended the past Presidents of the Club for leading the Club to where it is today.  He particularly congratulated the Club and Past President Alix Schnee on achieving the Presidential Citation the second year in a row.  He was confident that the Club do the same this year.   DG Kris also presented the Paul Harris Fellow pins to President-Elect Shahid Latif and Club Rotary Foundation Chair Bina Ahmad, saying contributions to the Rotary International Foundation are extremely important.  He emphatically said "it is your money that is feeding a destitute child in India, or sending another child to school in remote Africa or providing clean drinking water to communities in Latin America.  It is your money that has brought the world so close to ending Polio".
He assured the Club and President Sundra Lee that the District is ready to assist with anything the Club needs.  He asked the Club members to "think Big"  and "go for it!"
Visiting PDG Michael Caruso from Oregon also attended the meeting.
A few takeaways from what DG Kris Chittur had to say:
1.  He congratulated Pete Spano and the Club for the Dream Court project that has been in the works for 3 years and finally is coming to fruition. DG Kris asked the Club to think Big and perhaps limit ourselves to only 2 courts. He said a project could be to fix the toilets in all of Yonkers Schools.

2. There will be disasters or crises around the world. Rather than try to assist with every disaster or crisis, try to involve those from the affected area living in our area to magnify everyone’s efforts, by combining efforts of multiple Clubs/Districts and partner organizations. Identify someone in the Club who will run with the ball. He gave the example of the disastrous flooding in the southern Indian state of Kerala, caused by heavy rains. The needs are huge and coordination of efforts are important. He suggested a multi-District fundraiser involving the community from Long Island and Brooklyn. Our Club will work with District to organize a large fund-raiser.

3. He said it is very important to engage a New Member right away. He suggested that the Club allocate $500 to each new member for a project run by the new member with the advice of 2 other senior members of the Club. This way the new member will feel important and immediately see the impact of his or her actions.

4. He mentioned that the Friendship Exchange to Mumbai, India will take place in February 2019.

5. The Youth Exchange Scholarship Program (YESP) is an important activity of the District. The information session on 13 September generated some interest. However, we need to get the students interested perhaps through their Guidance Counselors and/or language teachers. Pete Spano and Ali Koprencka will try to arrange presentations to some schools. He asked the Club Members to visit the District website and watch the video of the week, posted every week.