Posted on Oct 06, 2019
The needs of the people of Haiti continue to be great.  It seems that most of the world has moved on and forgotten about the Haitian people. Not so for our Club member and Sergeant-at-Arms Father Philippe Charles, who has launched a project with the blessings of the Club to send essential supplies to the impoverished people there.  He has been collecting supplies from friends, family and his congregation. 
Recently, President Shaw and the Club approved funds to ship the supplies there.  On Sunday, 6 October, Father Philippe stopped by the house of a Club member in Yonkers to collect a sewing machine, many bags of clothing, including men's and women's suits and ties, cooking utensils, household items and children's games. 
One good deed deserves another.  The project turned out to be a joint project between our Club and the newly formed HeritageNY e-Club, when a member of that Club stepped up and donated $200 for the purchase of non-perishable food items like flour, rice, sugar, pasta, beans.  Amazing how good intentions beget more...
Father Philippe and volunteers will pack these materials into barrels and ship them to Haiti in a container which will be received by a local Rotary Club and distributed to needy people there.