18 July 2018
By Barbara Hanna
President Sundra called the meeting to order
Members Present: Sundra, Barbara, Jeffrey, Bina, Mahbub, Matts, Loren, Shahid, Ali, Peggy
Guest: Harry Singh (Prospective Member)
Meeting at Mont Olympos Diner was called to order by President Sundra at 12:25pm. Following the Pledge, Loren did the invocation. The 4-way test was recited and everyone participated in the Rotary song.  The meeting adjourned at 1:30pm
Happy Bucks in the amount of $11 were collected.
Future Meetings: We will continue our evening meetings at the Dolphin. Beginning on August 1, 2018, lunch meetings will be at the Mont Olympos Diner (1 Fort Hill Ave., Yonkers). The Olympos Diner owner has agreed to allow the filing cabinet and flags in the back room. Sundra will speak to Pattie at Luciano’s to let her know our decision. At the Diner, each attendee may order or not and pay the Diner directly for their order. This will greatly reduce the Club Administration tasks and funds being transferred through the Club Operating account. Once Patty has been informed, Barbara will go through the filing cabinet and throw away anything not significant to the Club. Ali & Barbara will plan how to transfer everything to the Diner.
Interact: The Board is anticipating meeting with Anne Murphy, Peggy’s daughter, to discuss the creation of a high school Interact Club.  Sundra proposed that with an EarlyAct Club and an Interact, we could also pursue a Rotaract at this time.  Peggy is chairing the Interact Committee and Alix the EarlyAct. Barbara said she will help as needed.
District: Mahbub informed Members that the District ended the previous Rotary Year with a large surplus.  In keeping with the Revised Manual of Administrative Procedure adopted at the last District Conference, instead of refunding this to the Clubs, the District will be reducing the District dues for all members for 2018-19.
Annual Club Dues: The Club is responsible for paying the RI and District dues for members on the roll as of July 1.  According to Bina, so far only 14 members had paid their dues for 2018-19.
International Projects: Sundra had several ideas for international projects this year:
a. $500 for San Jose Rotaract Club’s project selling soccer balls for $500 and the funds will go for an anti- slavery/human trafficking project.
b. $500 for an anti-drowning project in Thailand. Drowning is a major problem for children in Thailand. For $35/child, each child gets a swim suit, goggles and lessons.
c. Develop a global grant for member Sam’s school in Liberia.  Sam will be visiting us in September.
Club Fundraising: A fundraising idea for October was mentioned: Jeffrey suggested a concert in a Yonkers Library.  He is friends with a popular performer. Will Library has 300 seats, Sandy may arrange for us to get it free of charge.
Fun Activities: Ideas for socials were mentioned:
a. Miniature golf
b. Regular golf as a social.Those who don’t golf would just socialize.
c. Cruise around Manhattan
District Grant:  As a member of the District 7230 Grants Committee, Barbara made a presentation of the matching District grant of $2,446.53 to Bina, Club Rotary Foundation Chair and President Sundra since Past President Alix wasn’t in attendance. The grant funded iPads for the class for autism spectrum students and upgrading the Library at the Eugenia Maria de Hostos School last year. Barbara congratulated Bina on preparing a well-written Grant proposal.
Community Service projects:  Ideas for Community Service projects were mentioned:
a. Hostos School – continue our Early-Act commitment to them
b. Medical equipment
c. Any other suggestions
National Night Out: The Club will participate in two police precincts National Night Out on Tuesday, August 7, one taking place at Andrus Field (1st Precinct), the other at JFK Marina (4th Precinct).  This is important community exposure and supports the Yonkers’ Police Department.  There is no charge to participate. Mahbub will contact the 1st Precinct and arrange for a Table at Andrus Field. We will hire a face painter ($200) Sundra, Matts and Sandy will volunteer at Andrus Field.  Peggy, Barbara, Jeffrey and Harry will volunteer at the Marina.  We need more Rotarians for both locations. Contact Sundra, if you are interested.
Summer Reading Buddies: Sandy arrived towards the end of the meeting and reminded members that Reading Buddies is happening on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the next 4 weeks.  Volunteers are needed. If Rotarians would let him know when they will attend, a photo could be taken of those volunteering.
Public Image:  Mahbub offered to update our Flyer and Jeffrey offered to print them.
Mahbub won today’s drawing of $11.
The winning card is the Queen of Hearts.
 There was no drawing for Queens Dowry as the drawing from the previous week had not been done.
Happy Bucks – $11.00
 Ali made the deposits to the Bank.
Upcoming Events
Club Meeting
Mont Olympos Diner
Aug 01, 2018 12:15 PM
National Night Out - Yonkers 1st Precinct
Andrus Field
Aug 07, 2018
5:30 PM – 8:30 PM
National Night Out - Yonkers 4th Precinct
JFK Marina
Aug 07, 2018
5:30 PM – 8:30 PM
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